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Join us on our retro gaming quest for rare videogame treasures and physical media!

As a collector and retro gamer I have to admit: Since the invention of videogames, they have come a very long way. From barely recognizable pixel blocks with noisy beeping sounds on the Atari, to ultrarealistic 4K graphics with surround sound and even VR. I’ve seen it all. Gaming isn´t just the “nerd-thing” it was called in the ’80s and ’90s.

It became so much more…

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Probably everyone had contact, with this medium nowadays.
Some even with retro gaming...

The business has grown enormously and today surpasses even the movie industry. Just take a look at the gaming profits of Germany in 2018: Its roughly 4.37 billion €. Well, that´s a lot if you ask me. So it is pretty safe to say that gaming arrived in the mainstream media. Furthermore with the new console generation on the horizon from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and even Google, the future couldn’t get much brighter. But is it realy like that?

With the impending death of physical media (especially shocking for retro gaming), the evergrowing number of paid subscription services and more & more unfinished games getting released we shouldn’t forget the past. A time when gaming was pure fun, multiplayer had nothing to do with the internet and all players sat on the same couch. Above all you still could buy games physically and add nice boxes & modules to your collection. A time when you actually owned your games! Bloody good times, if you ask me!

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As they say, old is gold!
Especially when it comes to retro gaming & its history.

So if you can remember that times, then grab your favorite old wired controller, plug it in some awesome console and enjoy past classics! Get ready join us on our quest for rare treasures & hidden gems! And if you like what we do feel free to share it on twitter or facebook, because sharing is caring.

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Who am I?

My name is Kai, and I´m a humble collector, long-time gamer & fan of retro gaming.

That´s what you are too, I guess. Basically thats was brought you here.
I was born in the ´80, so you can say I’ve seen it all *lol*. Obviously I took my first steps with the C64 and the Atari 2600 till nowadays with the PS4, XBOX One and the Nintendo Switch. It was the same time i started being a collector. Obviously gaming was my first love, so to speak. In real life, my profession is that of a media designer. To put it bluntly “graphical mischief of all kinds”.

I’m the creator of this website too, and as you already may have guessed, this page is all about retro gaming. Where to find the good stuff, how to preserve it, some nifty tips & tricks… you know what I mean.

Simply put, a website from gamers for gamers.

So I hope you enjoy the ride and maybe you can find some awesome classics or one or two cool things you didn’t know before. Maybe we can even ignite the passion to become a collector too! And always remember, keep physical media alive!

Please keep in mind that this page is brand new, so it’s not filled to the brim with content yet, but I’m working on it 😉

Kind regards,

THIS IS OUR Retro gamer TEAM:

Well, there isn´t much of a team at the moment (just me), but you can bet on it, there will be soon. Some mighty fine folks are already waiting.

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Lvl 38 /
Media Designer

Videogame collector since the ´80s. Loves boardgames, metal music, building websites, physical media and playing Smash Bros. with his little daughter.

Favorite Games

Startropics, Phantasy Star,
Castlevania, Silent Hill,
Deadly Premonition

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Lvl X /
Mod God

Video- & boardgame geek since… forever. Loves everything that can be modded, enhanced.
Paints awesome warhammer figures.

Favorite Games

Smash Bros., Battlefront, Metroid, Silent Hill, Twilight Imperium (Board Game)

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Lvl X /

so, whats retro gamer club about?

Good question pal! Easy answer: play • collect • preserve!

Wow, you read that long text? I guess you must be a real retro gaming fan! But what else to expect? wants to provide you with the latest news & info for your classic gaming needs! So check out all our categories:
“Consoles” provide you with all the information about your favorite gaming devices you played all these years ago. But not just that, we cover some of the fancy emulation-stations like the POLYMEGA aswell! Thinking about collecting too? Then this is the best starting point. The most important category is “Games” of course. Check out some hidden gems, find new treasures or long lost modules for you to collect! Sorted by an ever-growing number of gaming-consoles.

Keep up to date with the latest reports on events or new devices!

As you expect, there will be hot “News” on retro stuff. If something is going on, this is the place to be. The “Guides” category provides you with some basic knowledge for collectors and more. Know the worth of your games, recognize fakes, dup´s & homebrews and find the right place to fulfill your gaming needs!
Last but not least, “Restoration”. A point very close to my heart! Because it`s crucial to preserve and restore the history of video gaming. And, of course, to keep your stuff in the best shape possible!