So what is this retro gamers club about?

Oh man, that was a rough ride! Building a website may sound easy, but trust me, it’s not lol. Still, somehow, it was fun. But, I guess, making your dream come true is alway kinda fun, isn’t it?
So what is this all about? Actually, it´s about playing, collecting and preserving your favorite games! No matter if NES, Famicom, Mastersystem, Genesis, PC-Engine… all of them. Well, I have to admit, one after another, because I’m still building this site 😉

Still in production, eh?

Yeah, pretty much, I’m just one guy, doing all the stuff. Programming, SEO, writing the posts, make the pictures, all of it. And everything while still working nine to five. So please don’t be harsh on me if things take a little bit longer. I’m trying to speed things up and to get a team that regularly writes news, reviews and more.

So what are the next steps for your site?

The first steps are to fill this site with life. I need a lot more content like posts, news, guides, and most importantly reviews of retro games!
I’m gonna do some giveaways too to celebrate my new website.
And if everything works out according to plan, maybe I’m adding some community features. But that´s probably in a distant future.

Is there anything I can do to help your site?

At the moment, I´m happy if you like and share my site. Just let me know what kind of content you would like to see or if you have any ideas.
You know people that I might interview? Again, just let me know.
And if you want to sell some retro games, then you can write me anyway too 😉

So actually, my first goal is to make this website more public and I’m grateful for every help.

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