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After long weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, it’s here! My brand new Website: The! Hope you like it.
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You probably know already what to expect from this category. That’s right, video game news and current topics. The category is not called “news” without a reason. Playing retro games doesn’t mean living in the past *lol*. And a lot is going on in the market right now. Retro gaming had never been so alive before! So you´ve got some news you think we should cover?
Go ahead and let us know. Write us a few lines, we surely will respond.

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News and retro gaming?
Does that fit together?

It sounds strange, but it fits together quite nicely!

The releases of NES classic, the SNES classic, the Playstation classic, and the NEOGEO mini are the best proof of it. Even Konami is doing a retro console, the TurboGrafx (PCengin) mini. There is a huge demand for that kind of consoles. Especially because the kids from yesterday are now grown up adults with a regular income. They can afford to relife their fond gaming memories. Companies like “Analogue” or “Playmaji” even bring you retro consoles with the ability to play your old cartridges. You see, a lot is going on. But don´t be fooled, it’s still a niche market. While many may have heard about the SNES classic, the Analogue NT or the Polymega aren´t that famous, which is a shame! These cool devices need more coverage. And that’s exactly the kind of news that we want to provide.

We want to bring you the video game news that are hard to find, not the easy ones you get on any other site. To put it bluntly, the kind of news that I myself would love to read. From retro gamer to retro gamer.

We hope you enjoy our content.