Gaming Resto­ration
& Preser­vation

They say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it

But sometimes you have to restore and preserve it!

We all have experienced this at least once. Something in your new cartridge is rattling. The favorite game won’t boot anymore or the “L” and “R” triggers of your controller are stuck. Throw your precious stuff away? No way! There is always a fix it for that. Restore and preserve. It’s not as hard as it seems! In the next few weeks, we are going to post some fixes, preservation and restorations for your precious gaming setup. Check out some of our upcoming projects!

Modding & More:

upcoming projects:

Broken module fix

We bought an NES Cartridge on the flea market and it doesn't work anymore. Further, the Box is missing. Can we restore it to its former glory?

Multinorm Console fix

Many old consoles are region locked. But we want our Japanese import games! Let's take a look at some different consoles. Can we solve the problem?

Retr0bright fix

The cool grey of some retro consoles has changed over the years into a nasty yellow. Retr0bright might be the solution to restore & preserve our consoles. Can we do it?

That whole restoration & preservation thing...

IĀ“m no good handyman, can I do this all by myself?ā€‹

Trust us, we aren’t good handyman either. But most repairs or mods are not that hard, as long as you have the right tools for the job or know one or two workarounds. Of course, weĀ“re going to post the links to everything you need, so you don’t have to search where you get the stuff. And for the fixes that even we canĀ“t do, we will find somebody that can! One such awesome site, for example, is ifixit!

We think, old games and consoles are worth to preserve. This is all the more important as we all are traveling towards a “fully digital” future. Thats the reason why we, the video game and retro collectors, have to restorate our stuff and keep our physical media in good shape.Ā 

I guess this is gonna be interesting, so I hope you join us on our “restoĀ­ration & preserĀ­vation” adventure.

  • Pixel wrench for restoration & preservation