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The best thing about collecting video games & retro games is the moment when you find a new one that you didn’t know about. Hidden gems, import games, ultra-rare stuff, there’s just so much to discover! Remember that our team is still small, but we love what we do. In the next weeks, we are going to put together some lists of great games for you to enjoy. We hope that we can provide you with some facts and ideas, that will help you grow your retro gaming collection. Moreover, we want to give you some basic direction about the rarity, the expected pricing and other “nice to knows”. So join us on our quest to present you with the most awesome video games of all time.



The NES is probably one of the greatest gaming machines ever! Many famous franchises started here. All-time classics like Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Star Tropics… and the list goes on. But still, the NES has so much more to offer. Many video games never left Japan or America. Some NES games are even exclusive to Europe! Trust me, the Famicom lineup is pretty dope! Back then it was nearly impossible to import this video games, or even to play them due to region lock. However, that’s not a problem anymore, thanks to consoling modding and emulation-consoles. Time to enjoy some NES games!



This awesome console is beloved by most games to this day. Its game lineup is legendary. Famous games like F-Zero, Pilot Wings or Super Castlevania 4 became instant classics! But the region lock prevented many gamers from enjoying Japanese Super Famicom games like “Seiken Densetsu 3” or “Clock Tower”. Moreover, there exist plenty of rare SNES games to collect. So its time to (re)discover these fantastic video games!



The Mark III, as it was called in Japan, laid the foundation for everything that Sega would become in the next years. Its the birthplace of some real masterpieces and hidden gems. Mastersystem games are a cornucopia of lost treasures like Fantasy Zone, Phantasy Star, Alex Kidd and more. A real underrated console, but very satisfying to collect! What are you waiting for? Go get Mastersystem games!



Sega wanted to go into a different direction with the Megadrive than what Nintendo did with the SNES, and they succeeded with that. Megadrive games bring the arcade feeling right into your living room! Golden Axe, Quack Shot, Splatterhouse 2, just to name a few awesome genesis games to add to your collection. And if you’re looking for rare games, you´ll find them here too (Gleylancer, Musha Aleste…)! You know best thing? The Megadrive is super easy to mod and very import friendly! NICE!
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