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First of all: this “tutorial” is considered for bloody beginners in modding (if you want to call it so) and for people, who are thinking about starting with that hobby.

I just can not believe, that the “Playstation 2” is now considered a “Retroconsole”. I had so much fun with it, playing games like God of War, Rayman, Red Faction, Final Fantasy X, Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance, etc. The list would continue, but I have to get to the point.

But there was one thing that could be improved on the PS2`s controller, and I am not talking about its size. The controller must have been shrunk the last 15 Years ;-). It is the shape of the analogue sticks. Since I first held my trusty PS4-Controller in my own hands I fell in love with those concave sticks.

Two aanalog sticks

Like some of you surely might have experienced is, that the sticks get worn off quite fast. For that case: Better use X-Box sticks.
But what has all that stuff to do with the PS2???????
The point is: Sadly you can not use Xbox-one sticks on your trusty PS2 controllers but the good thing is: You can get around that problem by simply buying some 360’s sticks instead.

That mod is very easy you just need:

First, loosen the six screws on the back (be careful not to lose them).
Then carefully lift off the lower controller-case. After you have released the controller’s guts, slightly lift the board to exchange the analogue sticks.
That way you do not have to bother about all the buttons inside.

Of course, you can remove the whole board to give your controller case a nice cleanup, if necessary (But do not put the board in until the case is fully dry). When reassembling the controller you have to take special care on to the L and R buttons and the LED-light for the Analog sticks.
That is the hardest part of the whole mod. So make sure its done properly.

ps2 pad

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