Halloween special: Body Harvest for the N64

Body Harvest for the N64

Its Halloween again, and what’s better than celebrating this, with blowing up some huge Alien insects, hell-bent on consuming some tasty Humans. So grab your N64 and enjoy some horror & scifi stuff… and some time travel of course!

Halloween special: Dead Space

The Dead Space series

Its Halloween so let’s remember a time when EA created some really scary things! No, I dont talk about surpricemechanics.
Its DeadSpace 1-3 on the PS3 and Dead Space Extraction on the Wii! One of the best Survivalhorror series ever!

Halloween special: Splatterhouse

The Splatterhouse games

Ah well, I’m a little bit late to the party 😅 but anyway… Happy Halloween! And is there a better way to celebrate this day with mindless videogame violence 😂? So I guess we should take a look at the Splatterhouse series, shall we?

The Retrode 2

The Retrode USB adapter

So I guess its time for a little bit of my retro gaming setup.
If you’re a pcgamer and want to preserve your valuable console cartridges, this little gadget may be right up your alley!

The TechKen Switch Controller

The Techken controller

TechKen sent me a controller for the switch to review.
First thing: I really dig the SNES design!
So I’m fiddling arround a little bit, to check out what this little “guy” is capable of 🎮!

Our new website is here!

The Retro Gamer Club oldschool computer

After long weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, it’s here!
My brand new Website: The retro-gamers.club! Hope you like it.